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Central Obesity Syndrome:

is a chronic disorder associated or characterized as an excessive accumulation and storage of body fat, it’s a well recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. It’s as well associated with an increased risk of premature death and reduced life expectancy.


Cardiovascular disease and cancer are now a bigger and silent killer of Africans than malaria disease. Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, 70% of cancer deaths occur in low-and middle- income countries.  With this killer prime disease now everywhere in Nigeria, most people now focus on the potential for scientific breakthroughs that would deliver the cure to it. The solution to cancer is targeting people who are not sick and teaching them on the way forward so as not to contract cancer. Really, it’s  senseless to only wait and act on people who are already sick with this ailment. Sadly, many people don’t make it even after treatments administered on them against cancer.

The problem here in Nigeria is over consuming animal protein, wheat and  sugar. Wheat has  a protein called gluten which is the mother of all problems in the immune system.  These three items mentioned above-wheat, sugar & animal protein- aids and encourages the cancer cells in one to thrive. They also aid other degenerative diseases like diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure, believe it or not. Until and unless we go on organic foods, fermented foods, natural herbs , there would be no end in sight on fight against cancer. Cancer would never reoccur when one go on above mentioned organic foods. Foundations and screening for detection of cancers are good, but we can do better if we teach people on harmful products that they are consuming every single day leading to degenerative  diseases ! Waiting for people to get sick in order to get them through screening exercise so as to treat them is never logical.  Eat whole (natural form) foods whenever possible and exercise daily to fight off this cancer menace. Nobody must die of cancer, except out of carelessness.

 It’s now good news to note that the above mentioned killer diseases has become more and more survivable few decades ago as a result of orthodox and genuine natural therapies aimed at tackling the menace.

Globally, cancer and stroke are a menace that should be in doctor’s surgeries , in schools , in public health systems, in laboratories, in government departments and above all by individuals . When cancer is caught early, this gives room for a full blown  therapy to commence on it. Other cancers such as those of the pancreas ,brain and lungs are harder to find and treat, though a  thorough progress on it is being  made by the scientists  and alternative therapists to unravel it in the Western and Asian worlds.

The incidence of cancer, heart failure and stroke in Africa is on the increase and has become a leading cause of death in the continent, with a massive tolls on individuals and nations Informed report now states that Africa now has the highest prevalence of cardiovascular and cancer disease in the world, about 46% of the population over 25 years old has hypertension in Africa.  Some technologies have now come up with device tools aimed at detecting cancer in the breath, blood tests as well. This innovation can now track fragments  of DNA shade from tumors.

The greatest advancement in a bid to tackle this human menace of cancer is reserved for immunotherapy .It has now been discovered that the human natural immune system is fortified with a set of breaks that cancer cells are able to activate. The immunotherapy  treatment approached at disabling the breaks on cancer cells ,thereby enabling white blood cells to outrageously attack the tumors. More advances now have been made possible on reprogramming immune cells to fight cancer adequately well by editing their genomes.

A vaccine is now available which fights the human  papilloma virus (HPV),this virus causes cancer of the cervix in women and cancers of the head and neck.

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