At Natural Herbal Healing Services, Imota-Ikorodu , Lagos State we provide information and education to help people seeking alternative forms of healing and treatment. We have a broad understanding of a variety of natural health disciplines. Sometimes we do recommend a specific approach of alternative healing to our clients. We are naturopathic  professionals  with extensive knowledge on supernatural  healing , natural health, nutrition, vitamins,  minerals and extensive use of  herbs aimed at cleansing the digestive system  in particular cleansing the COLON of accumulated and impacted waste & restoring one’s  intestinal system to normal, by  removing encrusted fecal matter safely & efficiently giving better digestion, energy, &  flatter tummy.  We are NOT Medical Practitioners, we are really into natural health consultancy.

Here we assess, counsel  and discuss health issues or symptoms with our clients to enable them experience absolute wellness. The human body has the natural capacity, as designed by God, to heal it self without a physician’s attention. In a nutshell, there are divinely ordained microbial physicians within us that rigidly follow the laws of nature when we eat and drink appropriately what nature bestows on us from the soil, as well as go on a sufficient 8 hours rest  on a daily basis, our physical body responds to healing itself. Our physical bodies  is an extension of mother earth.